A Gratitude Pose

I love August. For as long as I can remember August is when I finally feel summer's lazy days effect as the city finally gets quiet, schedules super lighten and moments of reflection seem to go on for hours at a time. Practicing this pose, malasana with prayer hands demonstrates what August feels like for me. It is grounding, clarifying and humbling with stirrings of gratitude for what I have and where I am showing itself to me with all the extra time I have to think and feel.

If you're not feeling this way and would like to be able to let go, chill out and count your blessings, I strongly suggest softening your front body with back bending postures more often. Eventually you will notice as you come out of a pose like bow or any other back bend and rest in a calming counter pose like malasana how stress, worry and anxiety is there to fool you and make more of itself while the real you who has emerged from a back bend wants to relax, play and enjoy the warmth of the second half of summer.

One legged bow pose, danurasana

Full bow pose, danurasana, make up www.onehundredpercentpure.com earrings, New York City street vendor

Malasana, a nice alternative to child's pose.  Top www.zara.com skirt, vintage from India, cuff www.forever21.com nails, seaport breeze www.karmaorganicspa.com

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