The Importance of Having a Play Day

Snow leopard

I'm feeling great today despite all kinds of stresses that have presented themselves. I believe my high vibe is partly due to the fact that I've been consistently practicing what I've learned to be a vital component to having a happy and peaceful life. It is, having a weekly spiritual day or what I like to call a play day. Years ago when I studied regularly with an American Buddhist monk named Geshe Michael Roach, he encouraged that no matter what is sitting in your bank account to enrich yourself by taking off once a week. On this day, no work is done, movies are watched, ice cream is eaten and pure fun is had. I listened and practiced his advice but still had the fear of "What would happen if?" sitting in the forefront of my consciousness while I tried to have fun.

Decades back my Dad, questioned why I taught on Sundays. I was raised to go to church on Sundays and I knew when he asked he wasn't pressuring me to go to church rather concerned about my choice to work everyday. I answered something like "Sunday is when the most amount of people consistently show up to class." He said "Well at least take a day off during the week and have fun." So, even though it is still true that yoga classes are packed on Sundays and I still teach on Sundays, here I am now after chipping away at a few fears and practicing what I've been taught, repeating what wise men and a few wise women along the way have shared with me. Be sure to have a weekly fun day, a spiritual day, do what you love, follow your bliss and maybe do something completely new. Doing so, you will revitalize your perspective and from this inspired vantage point you will be smiling the next day and open to several future self improvement possibilities in all areas of your life.

On my last play day with my son Krishna we went to The Central Park Zoo. Here we were transported into another realm of animal magic. While we were there, no business was done and I completely forgot we were in the middle of New York City. Beautiful memories were weaved into our consciousness and that is priceless.

Red panda



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