Pink is My New Red

As spring flowers bloom in purple, yellow, pink and white, the color pink stands out the most for me. I'm realizing this as I begin my nesting process of packing away my heaviest of winter clothes and organizing my early spring closet. Red was the color I relied on this past winter to perk up my grays and blacks, now pink effortlessly does the same.

Tips on Getting Your Closet Spring Ready

Give away to charity or a friend what you didn't use and don't care that much about from last winter. Not only will doing so simplify your space and mind but someone else will love and most probably need it. Some of my most frequently worn and cherished items are second hand. If you're having a hard time digesting this, I've noticed that overtime the more you let go of things the more you receive.

Pick one or two pastel colors that are catching your eye this season. Buy a scarf, lipstick, costume jewelry, and maybe even shades in the these colors. By purchasing these items you are not investing much money in springing up your wardrobe yet you're adding some new touches to highlight your style for the season of new beginnings.

Finally pack away the heaviest of your coats and consider doubling up two lighter coats to create warmth and a lighter look.

Kimono, vintage, denim jacket & white top on sale @  denim leggings

Fancy warrior 1 & forward bend footwork that I'm feeling will be a part of my April workshop's choreography.

Scarf, gifted, wedge booties on sale @ beaded necklace & bracelet circa 2009
gloves, New York City street vendor

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