Writing Your Dreams Down

A dreamy over sized bubble

Last weekend I led my yoga workshop "Spring Training, Putting Feet on Your Dreams." There was such a sweet and hopeful energy about the group that gathered together. What impressed me the most about this workshop was how after we sat, grounded, found our breath and meditated for about 10 minutes or so, I asked everyone to write down on the blank index cards I left beside their mats, what they want, more specifically what they dream for. I made sure to let them know that a big check was waiting for them after class with the number one and as many zeros as they could imagine was trailing behind that one. After we smiled about how no check would be gifted to them from me, I made it clear to not let the constraints of any money limiting thoughts get in the way of what they will write down. With this being said, I couldn't believe how they wrote, wrote and wrote what they wanted down.

We have dreams, we are designed like nature, to change, grow and want more space to expand. Doing this exercise allows the power of our personal visualizations, our third eye chakra energy center to exercise and get stronger. Visualization is an act of controlled imagination. If you can see in your mind your friend's face or your favorite vacation, you can visualize. Imagining and imagining often focuses your energy and likens your vibration to match what it is you want and receive it. Call it spell casting, magic or whatever you want, it is energy and similar energies without fail, find each other and stick together like magnets.

During the workshop, I suggested everyone take their index cards home with them and tape them along the side of their vanity mirror so they can read it over like a mantra and visualize their dreams each time they brush their teeth. Well, I did this after last Saturday and have been doing this for years. I can say now, with gratitude since many of my dreams have been answered, I hope this exercise can help you like it has and still does for me.

The pictures in this post is another approach to this same exercise. All of these pictures that I found in my past year pictures files have deep and cryptic meanings for me. They are my visual notes of what I'm dreaming for. I'm going to review this post often while taking a few deep breaths and giving life to my intentions.

My going to France altar.

A breezy porch.

Plenty of time on the water.

A sunset river view.

Being in light filled spaces.

Feeling connected to all beings.

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