An Innovative Eagle Pose Sitting in a Limelight Tree


The chains of winter's chill are not completely broken here in New York City, making wearing an equal combination of winter and spring clothes a perfect choice. Black and white clothes are an easy and functional pick during the chillier of spring days mostly because we have a good selection of black from our winter wardrobe to choose from. If you don't have much white, beige and cream always blends well with black. Inspired from the tree's newest acquisition, lime green baby leaves, I lightened this look up by adding a lime colored scarf and statement necklace. I'm finding lime is a nice understated choice of color if you're looking to be a part of the neon trend that is spreading fast throughout the city.

Since bird poses have been musing every class I've been teaching for the past two months, creativity has taken over and I have this twisted eagle variation to share. It is a good idea to use the top crossed leg as a kickstand to keep your balance as you twist deeper into the pose.

Bird poses are balancing poses and in my eyes they are similar to wearing black and white winter/spring clothes. Practicing bird poses encourages our energy to lighten as we root down with what touches the floor while the rest of us floats in space as we watch our breath. During spring, earth and water are the dominant elements making our energy want to move downward and rest on the earth one day and then over do it on the next day like running water that's spreading itself all over the place. This combination leads to feelings of acute lethargy and anxiety, some call it spring fever. The key for feeling optimal ease and well being during spring is to be extra sensitive to following the teaching of the middle way everyday. Do not do too much or too little. Practicing yoga's balancing poses like bird poses will have you exercise this teaching in a flash.

Eagle pose

Tights & sweater from 

Booties circa 2011, scarf gifted from India


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