A Colorful & Green San Francisco

The week before Thanksgiving I was lucky enough to join my husband on a business trip to San Francisco. Having been there several times in the past, I always came back east calling it my West Coast New York City because of it's busy city streets and rich cultural mix. Now that some time has gone by since my last trip to SF and I see the world from a different lens than before, I now call it a more colorful and greener New York City. Don't get me wrong, I love where I live but San Francisco's layer's of colorful paint, buses that run on electricity rather than gas, attention to adding green wherever they can plus a surplus of thrift shops sure left me thinking about coming home and making a few more earth friendly and beautifying my space with what I have changes.

Here are a few pictures from my trip including the best yoga school's I visited, a yoga lover's airport surprise and a bright coral top I picked up in my new favorite San Franciscan boutique www.miramira.com. This top is not only my souvenir but it sure did brighten up my suitcase and it's New York City's autumnal inspired wardrobe picks of brown, black and pumpkin orange clothes. If you follow my blog, you know I believe in the rule of three colors when it comes to packing light. However the next time I go out to the West Coast I'll be sure to add a bright color just because the sun touches you a little differently out west.

An adorned Women's Building. See the wires from which the buses receive energy to run.

Planters over store fronts

The most creative and rich in spirit Yoga School in town www.sf.laughinglotus.com They also have a New York City school.

A nice find for a grounding practice www.yogagardensf.com

The trees on the west coast are super enormous and having left New York City where we lost about 400 trees in Central Park due to hurricane Sandy, I'm looking just a little bit more into trees these days.

I love how this semi sheer coral knit top from www.miramira.com  is short in the front with the perfect tail in the back to cover up my back side.


I'm also crushing knee high wooly socks these days for extra warmth and breaking up my monotonous yoga tight look. Socks, shades & necklace www.lailarowe.com booties www.ninewest.com tights www.marialouisaboutique.com

After going through security in San Francisco Airport you'll pleasantly find this sign and a yoga space before entering the food court. The space is a little heavy for my senses but an awesome effort from SF Airport!


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