Cerridwen, Celtic Moon Goddess & Keeper of the Cauldron of Wisdom

It has been intense since hurricane Sandy came through town. Lives and land was lost in New York and New Jersey as well as everyday conveniences such as electricity, hot water, and mass transit were shut down or spotty in some areas. Parks were closed because so many trees fell down and loose branches were at risk to fall. Also buying gas meant waiting on line for hours because the harbor was closed last week to fuel carrying barges. Fortunately my family and friends are OK and my home never lost power. However living amongst this chaos made me revisit what I felt during 9/11. Feelings of disbelief, sadness, crankiness and streaks of compassion.

The storm peaked last Monday night. The wind sounded like a freight train that zoomed several times past my window and this was the first time I saw lightening that was green, blue and magenta in color. By Thursday Nov. 1st my birthday, I ventured a little further away from home to teach a yoga class in a neighborhood that had power. Here I saw 4 people sitting at a table for 2 at Starbucks sharing one outlet. I noticed how families were walking together on a Thursday afternoon and opening restaurant doors hoping to get a table to eat warm food. Despite the pain and hopelessness I could feel in the air, I also sensed humility, love and compassion was being birthed.

Even with Sandy's blow, I still cherish this time of year. The nights grow longer and colder while the veil between the spirit world and the mundane world grows thin. Our thoughts turn inward and towards our ancestors. What I've come to learn from my Celtic ancestry is the ancient sabbat Samhain is what we now call Halloween. They both celebrate the past, those on the other side and a death to what no longer serves us. The Celts regard Nov. 1st as a fresh start and New Year. Being that the Celtic New Year is my birthday, the vibe of acknowledging the past while pressing the reset button feels right to me.

I sense people who've felt Sandy's shake and sat in the cold and dark without electricity for days have recently taken a good look at their lives. Themes of starting over, oneness, patience and conservation are riding on the wind. I find it interesting how deep introspection and working as a community to survive came before today's presidential election.

These pictures were taken 2 days before the storm. At the time I was contemplating Cerridwen the Celtic Moon Goddess who is depicted in the modern world as the ugly old green witch with warts on her nose who stirs up potions and looks into her steaming cauldron for messages about the future. Cerridwen is a crone/aged goddess but she by no means is dark and ugly. She is a moon light bearer of wisdom, an aspect of Mother Nature and her folklore is vast and rich. Her most well known history links her to the legend of King Arthur's search for the Holy Grail.

Cerridwen bestows the magical power of reflection.

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By reviewing, clarity and a new vision comes to life. I guess you can say your power gets turned on.

On the night of the storm this was my personal prayer to Cerridwen:

Lady of Magic, Moon Goddess Cerridwen, keeper of the cauldron of wisdom and transformation. I call on you tonight.

Guide us during this time of world evolution from the old patriarchal regime's ways to the new age of equality for all living beings including plants, all animals and natural resources.

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Dark Mother, as we scry and look into the water show us answers to accelerate our transmutation. We won't brood over the past nor jump to far into the future. Rather we will receive your divine guidance to shape and shift us and bring the energy of transformation into our daily lives and communities.

Lady of Mystery, Mother Nature, I honor you on this long dark night.

I practiced plenty of deep squatting/malasana variations during this period as I've always envisioned and refer to the pelvis as a deep and wide pot when I lead classes.

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I wish you ease and connection!

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