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Whatever I practice usually comes through when I lead classes. Since practicing forward bending has been musing me to believe that a life that feels like it is in limbo will shift, I'm forward bending a lot these days and so are my students.

There's something funny about teaching a wide legged seated straddle pose. In the background I usually hear a muffled sigh, see an embarrassed grin or notice a blush come over someone's face. Teaching this pose I sometimes feel as if I'm asking people to show off their private parts. Perhaps I'm reminding them that they can no longer do a Russian split like they once did in grade school or plain and simple feel vulnerable for just a moment in their yoga practice.

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When this happens, I take a deep breath and try to let go of my judgements. I've come to learn that what comes through my consciousness is for me and only me and when it is laced with judgement, I need to zap it. With this said, the next time this pose upavista konasana, wide legged straddle pose shows up in your practice, notice how your body and mind responds.

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Take a deep inhale

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and exhale forward into it.

As you sit in your forward bend, back off if your breath is not flowing evenly. You can bring ease to this pose by drawing your inner thighs slightly closer in towards your midline and lifting your torso away from the floor.

Make sure your knees are pointing straight up and your ankles are flexed.

If your body craves more depth in the pose and your judgements are quiet, then you can consider going into kurmasana, tortoise pose.

Notice where my hands are and how my feet are flat on the floor.

Then I flex at both ankles

and lengthen my legs over my arms.

You will feel squashed. Dark thoughts and bodily toxins will swell, so be sure to exhale and release them.

I felt a little nausea while this picture was taken. This is a big sign to get out of a pose and sit. Twenty minutes or so afterwards I really felt as though something very dark and ugly left me. Perhaps some nasty judgement? All I know is I felt lighter, clearer, more limber and OK with sitting in limbo... the not knowing space before what could be a huge and fabulous shift that is about to shine forward.

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