A Favorite Seated Sequence

Pigeon pose, bangle & thread earrings www.lailarowe.com

Seated extended side angle

Head to knee forward bend

Vintage cardigan style tunic from India, tights & tank www.forever21.com, ballet flats www.ninewest.com, vintage bag

Seated twist

Pigeon pose on the other side starts the 2nd side's sequence

This is an old time favorite seated sequence that never let's go of it's healing power. Practicing this seamless sequence is perfect for opening up a few clogged up channels in the hips, low back and waistline. Because these postures are seated they're easy to meditate in. This sequence is perfect to contemplate fall's theme of darkness and letting go. With nature on your side plus the final lessons that 2012 has to offer you, this is the perfect season to acknowledge the shadows of your consciousness.

Our shadow side is easy to smile over and pretend it doesn't exist. Well it does... we are all born a little flawed and it is our choice to glaze over it and let it show his or her face when times get tough or we can do the deep and difficult work to lighten ourselves up. I've come to learn practicing the mental practices of yoga are the antidote to taming our shadow side. It isn't easy. Doing the mental work makes doing the postures feel like eating the icing off a cake. What I've been guided to do plus I'm noticing it helps in the lightening process is to wholeheartedly feel what comes up, drop the blame game and breathe in as much of what comes in with your darkness. Feel it some more, this can take days, maybe even weeks or months and keep on exhaling it out. If speaking your truth and setting boundaries applies to your situation do so without pointing fingers. Remember, you create your world. While practicing this mental exercise which works great coupled with the postures shown above, visualize yourself shedding like a tree in autumn what needs to be dead.

Hang in there, the Great Goddess, Mother Nature does this process every fall. We can too... and prepare the way for the next spin of the wheel ahead.

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