Bending into a Color Block

Fashionistas call the last days of summer the transition season, growing up I remember my Dad calling it an Indian summer, I call it sad... I'll admit, I'm a sensitive one. Especially when it comes to letting go of warm weather, admiring flowers on nearly every street corner and spending endless hours outside.

As each day that passes becomes noticeably shorter, I rely on being grateful for all the rich experiences this summer had to offer to ease my sadness as I mourn the dying sun. In the meantime I'm holding on the best I can to the sun's warm embrace.

Top jewelry gifted from India

Tights shades


As we move into Fall's advent, the Fall Equinox, this coming Saturday. I will follow Mother Earth's cue and move forward like a leaf that's sitting on a branch and just beginning to change in color.

As a result I'm investigating forward bending for my early fall yoga posture practice and I'm more frequently adding the color block trend into my style. It is a cheerful look that doesn't seem to be going away here in New York City. I love experimenting with it as it gets me stretch my wardrobe in combinations that I would normally steer away from.

If wearing bright bottoms and a top are too much color for you to wear at once try a neutral colored top in cream, khaki or chambray denim mixed with bright pants or reverse this with a bright top and neutral bottom. Accessorize with a bright colored tote to give you the color block look.

Currently I'm writing a few notes down in preparation for my Ayurveda and Yoga workshop which is taking place this coming weekend. Later this week I'll post easy to follow notes on how to pacify your system for the chilly and windy fall season ahead.

In the meantime soak in the last bits of him, the summer's sun and know that there's always been a basic wealth of power like him deep within you. Rather than relying on what is outside of you to inspire you like we typically do in the summer use the vibe of the coming dark season ahead to look inward and access your personal light and gifts as we move into the shadow side of the year.


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