Back to School, Back to Structure

After a week having gone by since my eldest son Ryan started High school my entire family is finding their way to adjust to a new household structure of earlier meals and bedtimes. Whether you're in school or not you can sense late summer's transition to fall by feeling cooler air riding the wind, throwing an extra layer into your bag to wear in the evening to having a craving for hot soup, signing up for a workshop or buying a book to learn something new.

For the past few weeks my toddler and I have been taking long walks along the river. As a result all shades of blue have been inspiring my dressing and home decor. Loving how the color blue is affecting me for the positive by tuning my throat chakra to speak up and shut up when needed, I'm finding I'm not quite ready to go through my closet and pack away my summer blues and replace them with fall's earth tones.

Since buying these gold on gold sunflowers and rusty gold mums at the market and creating a few sacred spaces in my home, I've been guided to go slow and add just a few orange and gold pieces to my aquamarine themed wardrobe. I'm currently in the process of storing away the obvious super summery pieces for next year's heat.

With the upcoming Fall Equinox on September 22, it is a great time of the year to follow the day light's cue of being perfectly balanced in length with the night's darkness in your closet. Start by opening up your closet and putting aside a huge give away bag. Little by little fill it up with sandals you will not wear again along with tanks, tights and other clothes you've worn to death that are ready for their next lifetime on another's back. With your new closet space, your creativity can soar as you add a little bit of fall color to blend with a handful of your summer clothes.

Your local church, temple, Salvation Army or a friend is eagerly waiting for your treasures. Some of my most beautiful pieces are vintage clothes and jewelry that have been altered to fit like a glove. So start shedding like the fall season ahead, notice what you may have overlooked wearing in your collection and you maybe surprised what the harvest season has to show you in the weeks to come.


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