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Monday, August 6, 2012

Soak Up the Sun

There's something about the August sun that gives everything it touches a golden hue. As if everything has been baked and now it is ready to enjoy with friends and family. Our vegetable and fruit bowls are spilling over while our creativity in including zucchinis in every dinner recipe is running out. There is so much to celebrate in August yet there's an under current of fear and plenty of hope in wondering if there will be enough for the dark season ahead.

This summer my posture practice is focused primarily on back bends. I find back bending is an exercise that softens my front body and strengthens my spine which is perfect as I'm out and about more often than usual meeting and greeting all that is growing into my life. In the past few weeks I've been very fond of camel pose. Each time I move into this vulnerable to the front body (our ego's side) and healing to the heart pose I feel my skin stretching open and soaking up the summer sun's light.

Before the summer ends try this pose outdoors while facing the sun. Ask him to fill you with the power of belief and transformation. Ask the Goddess, Mother Earth, to support you with her loving arms as you rest upon her welcoming chest. Feel yourself receiving nature's gifts of abundance that will enable you to flood the world with your light.

You can never go wrong matching flower prints with denim and straw. This past week I packed different combinations of floral, denim and straw pieces for our family escape to the mountains and I felt like I packed right. The look is perfectly rustic and girly.

Top circa 2009 www.forever21.com shoes www.aerosoles.com bag Baskets of Cambodia, Maria Luisa Boutique Nyack, NY

Make up www.onehundredpercentpure.com 

Ring www.accessorize.com hat www.lailarowe.com jeans www.forever21.com