His Shirt, Poetic Vision

Men's shirt www.zara.com necklace as a bracelet www.forever21.com

Sandals www.ninewest.com, bag, vintage, shades, tights & belt www.forever21.com

Cooler air riding the wind on a late summer Sunday afternoon means light layering and a sneak peek to early fall by adding earthy tones. Being very lazy I grabbed his chambray shirt and added a feminine touch with a skinny woven belt. The look was so me that I had to let him know it was his shirt.

Flipping my downward  dog

Although summer officially ends in a month's time, I've been writing in my personal diary my 2012 summer yoga posture experiences. I must say my inner experience is surprisingly poetic these days when expressed in written words.

Before I go on sharing, I do want to note the big reason why I started blogging was I wanted a disciplined format where I would commit to writing and learn about myself. It is one thing to know your favorite color, movie and restaurant but when you write down your experiences, especially when you share it in cyber space, your heart...your feelings are revealed in an extraordinary way. After a year and a half of blog loving I'm finding I'm accelerating with my biggest project...getting to know myself.

Back bending, I create the height and width of my temple's dome.

With the reach of my arms and the opening of my armor, my ribs, my offering creates change.

The power of my legs anchor roots that run deep and wide.

As I touch the earth with my giving hand, tears of sadness for her sting my skin.

As I reach up and out, my skin absorbs his light.

Each movement, each thought...feeling and breath re balances the sky, earth, water, fire and love within me.

A temple dancer's path...assisting the shift.

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