Bright & Bold Low Lunging

For over two weeks the air has been thick and super hot here in New York City. As a result my yoga practice and the classes I lead have been closer to the ground. My Sun Salutations have been less sunny as I've been replacing most jumping with stepping forward and back on my mat. Also placing my knees on the floor during caturanga helps to cool the fire of this strong pose down as I flow plus visiting child's pose more often than usual balances my energy nicely. While keeping my standing poses to a minimum I've been spending more time in the past week exploring the countless variations you can find in a low lunge.

Bangles, gifted from India, nail polish make up

Bright skinny tights & threaded earrings are trends that are not fading from sandals, tunic, tank & shades circa 2011

When it is hot and muggy I normally wear seashore cooling colors such as blue, green, light beige and white. However my interactions these days have been vibrant and fierce resulting in me choosing solar powered colors to keep my energy level up. Also my inspiration for wearing red, orange and yellow comes from seeing natural beauties like these flowers that have been whispering as I pass by "Come hither, look at me and be like me."

During the hottest of summer days be sure to hydrate and detox at the same time by drinking plenty of lemon water. Favor eating sweet foods which are carbs such as pasta, bread, rice and juicy summer fruits such as watermelons, peaches and berries. Ayurveda, yoga's sister science originates from a very hot and muggy southern India says eating sweet tasting food cools our inner heat and grounds the irritable moments that come with hot and humid weather. Finally my suggestion while practicing yoga in the heat is to spend most of your practice closer to the earth and you'll notice as you rest in the in between spaces how there's a sweet hum pulsing at a pace that is well worth following.

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