Strawberry Moon Salad

This past week fans of the celestial sway have been talking about the amazing view on Tuesday eve of the planet Venus moving in front of the waning moon. This sort of thing doesn't happen too often so if you were lucky enough to see it or at least know about it I'm sure you've noticed how what happened above regarding a feminine energy planet, Venus moving in front of Mother Earth's view of another feminine planet, the Moon, has greatly affected the female side of you for the positive. Did you feel more loving, attractive, charismatic and creative this week?

When the female side of us is turned on whether you're a guy or a gal the urge to go into the kitchen and cook can arise. Because a few female planets plus Monday's partial lunar eclipse during a full moon called the Strawberry Moon by farmers caught my attention, I'm feeling to share the Strawberry Salad recipe I learned from my Aunt Eileen many moons ago.

When it comes to buying produce, I buy organic. Yes, it costs more to eat organic but you can find great value at a lower price than most mainstream markets if you shop for produce that is in peak season like strawberries at your local farmer's markets, co-op markets or go to a competitively priced market like Trader Joe's. If you're not clear of where to shop for fair priced organic food in your neighborhood simply do a google search and the organic friendly nicely priced shops in your area will unveil themselves to you.

Why buy and eat organic? Because eating foods high in pesticides and other chemicals lowers our vibration and keeps us from attracting what we want like high energy, restful sleep, peace of mind and overall good health.

Extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, agave sweetener, strawberries, baby spinach leaves and sliced almonds

When you buy strawberries it is important to eat them the same or next day as they go bad quickly sitting in the refrigerator. Be sure to wash them well and slice off areas that look moldy or bruised.

This recipe is great for summer evenings when you're not that hungry or it is late and you need to eat something. All you need is what you see above mixed together. I'll leave the exact measurements up to your taste buds.

This salad served with toasted whole wheat French bread drizzled with olive oil and water to drink flavored with fresh squeezed lemons and mint leaves will leave you feeling light and refreshed. Eating one super light dinner a week does your metabolism good according to Ayurveda, a natural medicinal practice from Southern India.

Have fun shopping mindfully for higher value produce, cutting your costs and cooking summer light. 

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