A Simple Summer Solstice Sequence


Navasana/Boat pose, ring www.accessorize.com

Earrings, shades and sandals www.forever21.com

Table top pose

I learned way back in my dance training days to break it down and simplify as much as possible. This dance principle has helped me greatly in getting the teachings of yoga across to so many different types of people.

My focus these days is the belly, the third chakra/energy center. The energy center from which we receive the sun's power. Access it by crunching, twisting (not shown) and back bending. Doing so will give you the space to soak up the sun's divine rays. You will also physically strengthen your core body and emotionally activate your will to get up and go after what you want. In addition to activating our physical and dream body, conditioning our solar plexus chakra tames our ego's fire from burning out of control and keeping us further away from our truth.

When working on this center visualize yourself inhaling the golden warm rays of the sunshine in. When you exhale see yourself burning darkness out from within.

Tunic vintage Monsoon from London, nap sack gifted from India, tights www.lailarowe.com

Another thing I learned from the dance stage is when the sequence is simple the costume must scream. Are my yellow tights bright enough? I down played them a bit by wearing a white camisole underneath, a billowy white & red rose embroidered tunic as a cover up and an ethnic print nap sack for color and visual depth. This ensemble is not very everyday however the color story follows the no more than three color rule...yellow, white and red. Also these colors are of the moment and this makes me feel in sync with nature as we celebrate the Summer Solstice sun.

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