A Magical Mudra for Memorial Day Blues

A tie dye sky

My life so far has been lived along the Hudson River in the area that divides New York City from New Jersey. Having lived along both riversides there's always been a maritime feel to my suburban or city life. I can say my Dad, a Navy veteran, has inspired me from an early age to notice the River. He taught me how to read the river's current, be aware of the moon's affect on the tides plus my first memory is of hiking with my parents along the river's trails. After decades of being beside the Hudson I never get tired of gazing into it.

This past Memorial Day weekend like each one that has passed since my Dad left his body over a decade ago makes me sad and grateful for all the military men and women like my Dad who served our country for freedom. Freedom, something I never think twice about.

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Ganesh mudra. Ganesh, the Hindu elephant deity, an energy that has a uncanny ability to put in your path exactly what you need to move through obstacles. Soften your grip as you shield your heart center.

Although my life has never faced any dire oppression I can attest that my ego and all my silly little mind patterns and iron clad beliefs have held me hostage for far too long.

In the spirit of living like a free and peaceful yogini I'm asking myself more consciously than ever to stop pointing fingers at others and blaming them for how my life has not gone exactly the way I wished. As I've been diving deeper into the waters of my consciousness the dark emotions tied to my shadow side is swimming towards the streaming light above as I see everything is coming from me.

Now in the Northern Hemisphere we are moving into the longest days of light, the peak of the year. The ancient Celts say if you take your pain and suffering and throw it into the bonfires they used to light this time of year and start shedding your darkness, you will in time stop your unconscious from sabotaging you and move into wholeness.

This sounds so lovely but the real life practice of becoming lighter isn't so easy. These days I've been biting my tongue, not picking up the phone or writing that note if it has a trace of me pointing and blaming. Instead I sit with myself, feel what comes up when I'm in the pointing and blaming mode, inhale a new breath in and exhale out what doesn't serve me to the best of my ability. You know what? As a result I'm noticing I'm getting quieter. Quiet, like the monks I used to sit with and wonder why they had nothing to say.

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Since I've burned some bad behavior I can sit in Warrior 2 pose and feel more open than ever.

My eyes confidently soften as my Warrior becomes peaceful and easy.

You can explore Ganesh mudra behind your back for extra heart opening.

Yesterday as I read about the ancient Celts lighting bonfires between May 1st/Beltane and the Summer Solstice/Litha June 21st to celebrate the Northern Hemisphere's ascent to the longest days of light, I privately wished I could stand before an ancient bonfire and shed a bit of my shadow... and look what I stumbled into on my daily walk with my baby the same day I read about the Celt's bonfires...a memorial bonfire, watched by veterans behind my camera to honor the warrior souls who gave their time or life in the spirit of peace and freedom.

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