Bathing Beauty

Summer's heat calls for cooling off in water. Since taking a dip in the ocean or a pool isn't an everyday convenience opting to take a bath in lieu of a quick shower is. When you take the time to sit in a tub and feel the sensation of water against your skin, your mind and body melts into oneness. This experience is similar to noticing your breath in a yoga pose or quietly reading a book and not hearing your name being called. When your mind and body unite... anxiety, worries and fears slip away.

Our minds are quick and will dart towards stressful thoughts that is why I suggest taking a bath in the evening when our egos are typically soft. I also recommend beautifying your bath with objects that please your senses. I like to get all creative about it and pick a theme. The bath shown is my Aphrodite bath. She is the Grecian Summer Goddess who is associated with beauty, creativity and prosperity. Her myth states she is the rose of the ocean who surfaces during summer as beautiful woman along the shoreline. As a result physical objects that represent her presence are roses, shells and salt.

To invite Aphrodite's energy into my auric field I filled my tub with warm water and poured in 2 cups of epsom salt to ease my weary muscles. I learned about the benefits of salt baths in my dance days and they really work in relieving muscular pain! To please my eyes I placed a single rose in a vase alongside the tub with a few petals in the water. For soft lighting and the right smell I included a rose scented Yankee Candle. Be sure the flame is not near the shower curtain or towels. I added a handful of sea shells I bought from Bed, Bath & Beyond to enhance my ritual to evoke Aphrodite.

Before entering the tub and pretty much anything I start to do in life I say a prayer. I held my hands above the water and said something like...

"Aphrodite, please infuse this water with love, light, beauty, creativity and transformative vibrations. May it remove unwanted density found within me so that my true and lighter self can be revealed. I like you will shine my light. Thank you, from the depths of my heart."

Create your own bathing beauty ritual and you'll notice a calm, cool and centered you emerging from the water.


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