Smooth Sequencing in Snakeskin Skinnies

The month of May has many qualities that get a rise out of me. The dewy air makes my skin feel soft and glow like a teen, the lush and green earth reminds me that prosperity flows in cycles while fragrant rose blossoms draw me closer into the moment at hand while caressing my nose with their velvet like skin.

In the past few weeks my senses have been happy to experience two new and unique discoveries.

Olive green colored camouflage snake skin tights for only $16 @ ! It is very rare to find unique and inexpensive leggings that fully cover your tail. Meaning when you bend over you don't see your skin color peeking through the fabric. This is my best legging find in a long time. On the way to and out of yoga class I like to wear simple patterned and loose fitting tunic tops over my camisole to tame down my serpentine look.

Metallic bag, vintage

My second high sensation delightful find is the yoga posture transition seen here where I grab my big toe in yoga toe lock and work towards extending my leg.

Everything other than the tights and bag is from

I love clothing, movement and come to think of it everything that flows and transmutes seamlessly from one stage to the next.

Have you noticed that your senses are stronger these days? As we ascend into the longest days of light here in the Northern Hemisphere our senses guide us more clearly and usually to the right place if we let them. You will also notice as a result of more light that you'll bump into old friends more often, come across opportunities to make a little more money and have a few sparks go off regarding your love life. All good things are ahead...

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