Post Mama's Day Sacred Space

Rocking chair & plastic plant


Antique treasure chest from India

Incense holder & incense from Whole Foods, candle by Pacifica

Antique glass cup, vase and saucer

Jade happy Buddha, New York City street vendor

After dropping my eldest son off at school today my toddler and I went for a walk in the park. Being a toddler he does toddler like things such as goes off the path and picks stray things off the ground. If you're a Mom or at least act like a Mom to any of your friends, family members or colleagues you know how your shoulders, arms and hands always find themselves holding other people's stuff.

As my babe handed me the branch, the cluster of flowers shown and the collection of pebbles you can't see because they are in the flower's water, I realized he was giving me my Mother's Day bouquet. I love the way he successfully slows me down to a level where I can look a little deeper into the details of my life that I would otherwise bypass without him.

Once we got home and settled in, I went through my collection of antique vases, china, candles and deities and came up with this sacred space. Which by the way creating and destroying a sacred space is something I do nearly weekly to a new or the same corner of my beige/white/zen home. My husband loves clean lines. That's where the Zen in my life comes from. Imagine what a spiritual spaceship would look like...that's our home. I do appreciate his chic style and cleanliness however my Laura Ashley/Yoga loving way of looking at the world must be presented throughout our home. The reason I change it so often is because there is always something new blooming out there in nature and within my consciousness that I want to show case...and so that's how designing sacred spaces have come to be part of my spiritual practice.

Do you stick to the same home decor for years...decades? If you do, try restyling one corner of your home without buying anything new. OK, maybe you will need to stock up on some candles and incense. The good news is they can be inexpensive. If you do decide to make a sacred space you'll soon find out when you open your eyes and the rest of your senses that not only will you connect to the creative aspect of your spirit but you will also be in an active meditation that will result in peace, spaciousness and beauty.

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