A Lion's Roar Back Bending Flow Workshop

tank Strawberry Shop $4.99, skirt vintage Peruna bought in London at Marks & Spencer, shades www.forever21.com, sandals in the background www.oldnavy.com along with a straw backpack from Maria Luisa boutique in Nyack, NY

Here I am back bending in one of my all time favorite temples, Davis Johnson Park & Gardens in Tenafly, New Jersey. Technically this is not a temple, it is the remaining stone base of the original home that stood on this property some time ago. I've been visiting this park since I was a teen and each time I step into this area I always seem to twirl around, look up towards the sky like Mary Tyler Moore and come up with a new yoga flow combination.

This Saturday July 23 at 3:30pm for about 2 hours I'll be teaching my most recent Davis Johnson Park sky gazing inspired movements @Bamboo Moves Yoga in Englewood, NJ. This workshop will be a moderately paced yoga back bend flow threaded with the Lion's Roar Buddhist wisdom.

In the third turning of the wheel of dharma the Buddha speaks of the lion's roar. The lion's roar is the fearless statement we make when we realize our wildest emotions is a workable situation and not something to be afraid of. Each time we roar...I'm referring to having a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment, this is military lingo for WTF!... it is a reminder to go deeper into our practice. During Saturday's class we will practice an easy to follow exercise you can take home with you where you will start approaching your life like a courageous and graceful lion rather than seeing the world coming to attack you like a hungry lion in an ancient Roman colosseum. 

As I look at this photo and once again internalize the teachings of the lion's roar, I can see how practicing yoga in this space always feels right to me as the stone lion gatekeepers, there's more than one on the premises, keeps a watchful eye out. When your awareness is sharp and you understand even the most extraordinary energies can't take you over, then there's no resistance. When you stay open, a rhythm happens which makes the yoga moves you practice on the mat seamlessly flow into the rest of your life.

I hope you can join us this Saturday as we unwind our tight shoulders, open our hearts along with understanding how a little lion's roar wisdom can accelerate healing our emotional and physical body.

Exchange $40 in advance & $50 day of

For more info please visit www.bamboomovesenglewood.com

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