Inspirations and Transitions out of Warrior 2

Warrior 2 legs
Towards the end of May we took a road trip north to Boston. Here we celebrated Sunil's graduation from Boston University.

Warrior 2 upper body

Peaceful Warrior
After many hours of driving and settling our bags down in our hotel, we went into the park for a body unwinding stroll. As you can see I stretched out a bit within this monument. My son Ryan is seated below me.

My current interest is intuitively feeling and observing where my body wants to go as I transition out of Warrior 2.

The overhead arm's rib opening expands my inhale allowing me to take in my new surroundings.

modified extended side angle, bracelets
 Resting my forearm on my thigh as I reach my other arm up to the sky, I feel my ribs close down, in opposition I twist upward with a deep exhale. I counter this heavy feeling with each inhale revolving my chest upwards towards the sky receiving light, space and guidance.

a half bind

Reaching my top arm behind me and half binding allows the front of my shoulder to open and feel more receptive as I back bend.

Releasing the bent knee's arm down creates a little more fire within me which I felt I needed since it is chilly here.

These pictures were taken the last week of May. I was surprised to see daffodils sitting pretty because in New York City which is about 6 slow driving hours south, our daffodils came in late March and went by early April.

vintage embellished tunic coat from India, tank top

Intuitively my body is guiding me into Bird of Paradise pose to counter the early spring feel of nippy moist air and heavy damp ground. I feel this pose brings the opposite sensations of lightness, air, heat and space within me. To understand my technique of balancing yourself by doing postures that oppose what is happening in nature read my earlier post "Bird's Eye View."

It is so nice to use this railing to secure my bind (hands interlacing) behind my right back pocket.

sunglasses necklace

After extending my bound leg upwards, I turn my thighbone out from the hip joint, then slightly internally rotate my shin bone into my front bound arm's tricep. As I gaze in the opposite direction, I feel so much life in my bound leg, as well as a back bend in between my shoulder blades, a twist in my mid section, hip opening and a standing balance while heat moves through me. All of these qualities balance me after a long car ride and feeling Boston's cooler damp weather.


Here's a back view. Here I'm deeply exhaling, contracting my abdomen and pushing my standing leg into the ground.

I inhale into length, space and light. My next exhale grounds me deeper downward while my next inhale rebounds my energy up.

Notice my back hand in jnana mudra. Mudras are hand gestures. In this hand gesture my pointer finger and thumb are touching. This mudra means the sign of wisdom in the east.

Walking through the park, I felt like I was in London.

A view from under the weeping willow tree. Do you see the blue orb of light?

I guess my bird of paradise posture attracted me towards finding Boston's local great park bird, the swan.

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