Wall Flower Print

By the look of the clouds in the sky, the cold moisture in the air, logging onto www.weather.com and checking the weather today it's another April rainy day ahead.

Floral Jumpsuit, www.forever21.com

To brighten my day I opted to wear a flower summer jumpsuit over my basic black camisole tank and yoga tights. My first layer keeps me warm as the wind blows right through my jumper. When was the last time you wore a jumpsuit? The 1980's? I saw the comeback of the jumpsuit last summer as I was strolling through American Apparel. I didn't pick it up then but I do remember thinking a jumpsuit is a very relaxed & chic way to cover up a yoga look.

My husband said I look like wallpaper today. I chuckled to myself remembering how I was one of those girls who worked at Laura Ashley in a Jersey mall in the '80's. I loved flower prints then and still do now. I also read Jane Austen books during my breaks, the ultimate wall flower style writer. She saw every detail and wrote about it.

Cropped Denim Jacket Theory circa 2005www.theory.com

At first I put on my black trench to step out and I noticed the proportions of baggy pajama looking pants and a mid thigh length trench made me look stocky and sloppy. It immediately became a cropped jacket day. To stay warm and dry I decided to layer two cropped jackets. The first layer is a vintage Theory denim jacket with silver buttons. The silver buttons coordinates nicely with the icy blue flowers and the blue flowers pick up the denim's light blue. The cropped black leather jacket on top breaks the wind and allows rain drops to bead off you rather than soak into your clothes and onto you. I bought this black leather jacket nearly a decade ago on Broadway for $99. I'll never forget the salesman. He did a hard sell and I'm grateful I got sucked in. It's buttery soft and a classic.

Ankle boots www.aerosoles.com

I've put my tall boots with the exception of my rain Wellies high up on my closet's shelf while keeping my ankle boots within an arms reach for days like these. Aerosoles are not for unglamorous ladies anymore. They offer some sleek designs that allow you to high step it in heels and be compassionate to your feet at the same time.

Elastic bangle www.forever21.com & Cami www.oldnavy.com

The silver bangle picks up the denim's silver buttons plus the silver earrings that are not shown. I chose a black shelf bra camisole style tank, Old Navy, underneath to create a seamless illusion of straps that could belong to the jumpsuit's design.

Fresh juice www.liquiteria.com

Liquiteria is one of my favorite post yoga nutrient hangs in the Lower East Side. They offer a wide variety of fresh juices and high vibrational counter style food. I picked the killer x to combat a little congestion. There's a killer xxx for an extra gingery kick.

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