A Peaceful Warrior

This past Saturday marked Union Square's official start to the peaceful protest season. Notice the back view of Gandhi's sculpture holding a sign in fine print stating "No More Islamophobia." Protesters cry for change is perfectly in synch with nature's pink magnolia newly bloomed blossoms.

North East of Union Square my family and I grabbed a quick brunch at Piccolo Cafe. I will return for their veggie paninis and very red tomatoes.

Piccolo Cafe has a rustic charm that made my post yoga wearing clogs from Forever 21 and long coverup corduroy/eyelet prairie skirt fit in. Their tables have a foot rest option while you sit on their high stool


My son's Old Navy waffle knit zip up hoodie made more shapely with a Forever 21 stretch woven belt.

I practiced yoga in the morning and covered up my tights and tank with this look. The skirt is vintage Peruna from London.

There are plenty of trendy European tourists in my neighborhood. While they take in downtown's charm I take notes on their innovative styling. My recent pick up is the bangle over the sweatshirt.

On our way home I stopped into the pharmacy and bought a fabulous must have moisterizing cleanser. Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser. It is 100% natural and takes off mascara too! Sensation junkies will love how each time you use it you smell fresh peeled oranges.

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