New York City's April Gurus

People often ask me how often I've been to India. They question the variety of tunics I wear and the amount of Gurus I speak about. Well the answer is I've been to India once for about 48hrs while I accompanied my husband on a business trip. The tunics are samples that were bought abroad before my darling Amit knew me and his ladies clothing line was up and running. Remember 2008? When the banks fell apart, our way of doing business changed and so did our ability to buy extra clothes and stuff? That is when I got creative about dressing and started to re-explore vintage clothing as I did in high school. I also learned which stores have the best value driven basic clothing to mix with the old and keep the boho, gypsy and hipster fashionista alive within me.

As for the Guru's well they come to New York City every Spring and Fall. I guess they like to inspire us when the seasons are in transition in hope that we may change like the weather. The photo above is of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar no relation to the Ravi Shankar who hung out with The Beatles.

Sri Sri graced NYC with his teachings on meditation Sunday April 10th. I took a photo of my Playbill because the security at Lincoln Center made me check in my camera at the coat room. Sri Sri is one of my favorites. He's a simple and deep speaker. I found myself the following week teaching and practicing his teaching you sit to meditate and concentrate on your breathe...each time your mind takes you away from concentrating on your breath and the meditative space in between watching your breath repeat the mantra "I'm nothing, nobody, I'm energy." I've found this concept of letting go labels such as I'm a mother, a wife, a yoga teacher etc. chips away at the mind's chatter of I have to do this or that later because this is my role. When you strip yourself away of your ego's tasks for just a moment and become quiet, you will feel such a rush of pure energy making you so much more intuitive, efficient and operating from your heart rather than your head.

Thank you Sri Sri for the "I'm nothing mantra". This is absolutely opposite of what Anthony Robbins taught me a decade ago with his "I can do it!" mantra. I needed that push then and something different now. I love the way our spirit brings us in front of exactly what we need at precisely the right moment. The hard part is we have to pay attention.

Sunday April 17th my husband brought me to experience what some people call the new Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanthi at Manhattan Center on 34th Street. This is where Mother Amma does darshan and hugs thousands of people each summer.

Here's another picture of a program. Still water, greenery, a reflection and a full moon. Fitting for a meditation and the fact that it was a full moon as he spoke. The Farmer's Almanac calls April's full moon the Pink Moon because the cherry blossoms are adding a pink tone to our landscape.

Adyashanthi is a beautiful teacher who like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar spoke of the concept of bringing your consciousness to the state of no thing ness. Buddhists call it emptiness. NYC's April gurus spring message: Be nothing, let go of your labels, your tasks and chores as the only thing that keeps you propped up in this world and become still daily with meditation. You will create the space in your consciousness to see yourself  living with all beings of the universe as one. This will give you energy and release your stress.

Amit was sitting on the edge of his chair for this guru while I'll admit the disco ball overhead kept calling my name.

Inspired by the pink blossoms, I'm in my pink tunic from India.

I saw some divas coming out off the L train subway line from Williamsburg, Brooklyn (a super funky and chic neighborhood) wearing their summer platforms and socks. I'm not a complete fan of this look but I put my boots to the top of my closet and I don't plan on wearing them until November unless I'm off to some chilly destination. Cork and leatherette platforms, Forever 21. Oatmeal colored socks which coordinate with the tunic's embroidery is from Target. Navy tights, American Apparel.

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